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Baptist: We believe the Church is made up of all who in faith have embraced Jesus Christ as Lord and Redeemer, and that the baptism of believers by immersion is the outward, visible sign pointing to that inward, invisible work of God’s Holy Spirit in the heart of man which results in faith and repentance.

Practical: Knowledge for living, not just knowing! We are learning together how to live new lives in Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

Educational: Because we believe the Bible is the Word of God, we want to learn all that it teaches about God, man, and the world in which we live. There is no aspect of life which is not under the authority of the scriptures.

Evangelical: We believe the Bible is the fully inspired, inerrant Word of God to men made in His image. Here is a standard that is fixed and reliable, a bedrock of certainty in a world marred by confusion and conflict. The darkness and superstition of the middle ages was broken by a movement of God’s Spirit called the Reformation. Men like Martin Luther and John Calvin searched the Scriptures, and we seek to follow their example. We Hold to the major principles of the Reformation, including–

Scripture Alone – The Bible alone is our infallible source of truth

Grace Alone – Men can be delivered from their sins by grace alone, not by any works which they can do in their own power.

Faith Alone – The instrument by which sinful men receive God’s grace is by faith alone, not some combination of faith plus works.

Christ Alone – God’s grace is given to us in Christ alone, not through angels, saints, or any church ceremonies.


We hold to the London Baptist Confession of 1646 which can be read here.

Sovereign Grace Baptist is…

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church

Sovereign Grace Baptist Church